White Ghosts from Big Finish

Big Finish Teases 2014 Doctor Who Audio Covers

Big Finish continue their yearlong teasing and tantalising campaign for their Doctor Who range with the release of two new front cover, one for the Fourth Doctor Adventures and one for the Companion Chronicles.

White Ghosts from Big Finish

White Ghosts is a title from the third series of adventures for the Fourth Doctor that’s due out in February 2014 and features not only the return of Leela as his companion but also a familiar face from the world of sci-fi television series Farscape. Virginia Hey, best known for role as Zhaan in the cult TV classic will appear alongside Baker and Jameson as Bengel. Hey lent an austere and commanding presence to Farscape and we’re sure that she’ll shine whilst working with the Fourth Doctor and Leela.

Big Finish introduces a new Time Lady in Luna Romana

The second cover release this month is very exciting indeed. Luna Romana is the final part in the Companion Chronicle trilogy that concerns that character Quadrigger Stoyn, who is first encountered after being taken away from Gallifrey by the First Doctor and Susan as they set sail in their newly acquired TARDIS to see the Universe after events as seen in The Name of the Doctor. Lalla Ward stars as the Second Romana as well as Juliet Landau as an unspecified incarnation of Romana. Landau will be recognised by many from her role as mad vampire Drusilla from both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin off Angel. Landau is, quite frankly, a huge name for Big Finish to sign up to the Doctor Who range and casting her as Romana is a stroke of genius that will surely pay off when it is released in January 2014.

Both titles are available to pre-order from www.bigfinish.com now!


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