Matt Smith & David Tennant at Doctor Who's 50th anniversary read through

David Tennant: 50th Gives “fresh challenges”

That David Tennant’s a cunning one isn’t he? Whilst filming his latest piece, a comedy of errors called What We Did On Our Holiday, he sat down with SFX for a short while to answer some questions. As professional as the conversation was, it couldn’t help but turn to Doctor Who but Tennant gave nothing away in terms of plot. He did, however, talk about the differences between filming his scenes during his reign as the Doctor and Matt Smith’s era.

Matt Smith & David Tennant at Doctor Who's 50th anniversary read through

The actor talked about being back in the role:

Well it is all done – I’ve filmed everything. Now I just have to wait for everyone to see it. But, yes, it is lovely to have returned to something that meant so much to me and that was such a happy time.

Tennant also discussed coming back to the role that had meant so much to him and also having other actors playing the same part at the same time:

When there is more than one of you, as is the case this time, it becomes a slightly different character. The Doctor tends to lead every scene he is in and when you are sharing that out it becomes slightly different. You have a new relationship with that aspect of the character and that gives you fresh challenges to work on. But it was really good fun.

There was also talk of his initial casting for the 50th anniversary special:

I can’t say I was surprised. There is a precedent to this, isn’t there?…I was more surprised about how long it took to come through. It actually took quite a long time. There had been a sketchy little conversation about it – and there was a long gap before I got the call. For a long time I was starting to think it was never going to happen.

And finally, Tennant answered the question of whether he thought the next Doctor should be a female incarnation:

You are not going to get a quote from me on that. It will come back and bite me on the arse whatever I say!

You can read the full interview on the SFX website by visiting the SFX website.


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