First Doctor Console @ Experience!

The replica First Doctor TARDIS console used in November’s celebratory docu-drama, An Adventure in Space and Time, is now on show at Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience!

First Doctor TARDIS Console 3

The console room is piloted by David Bradley, who plays William Hartnell in the Mark Gatiss-penned drama which charts the origins of everyone’s favourite show. Last month, the impressive reproduction was displayed at Comic-Con Paris, at which both Gatiss and Bradley also turned up to discuss the 90-minute special. Bradley, who recently played Solomon in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, told SFX magazine that he studied a lot of Hartnell’s appearances as research:

“I did watch a lot of episodes and a lot of his earlier films as well to acquaint myself with him, but, as you say, it’s the essence and the spirit of the man more than an accurate… impersonation. I respected him as an actor as well as Doctor Who.”

The console room – displayed to celebrate the Experience’s one-year anniversary –  will be on display throughout the summer at the universe’s biggest exhibition dedicated to Doctor Who. It’s a sight showrunner, Steven Moffat, will be happy to see; last year, when he visited the Doctor Who Experience with Matt Smith, he said that the one thing he’d definitely love on display was the First Doctor console!

First Doctor TARDIS Console

It joins an incredible accumulation of props, new and old, including the console used by Doctor Five, Six and Seven, the makeshift TARDIS from The Doctor’s Wife and the Ninth and Tenth Doctors’ TARDIS console room. Philip Fleming, Head of Communications at BBC Worldwide, said:

“There are lots of things that we’ve found people have thought lost forever and we’ve sort of dug them out, like the Ice Warrior costume that you can see upstairs that Bernard Bresslaw wore back in [The Ice Warriors]. That was lost and forgotten and, in fact, when we pulled it out of the cupboard, it was in a pretty shocking state, but we’ve done a lot of work on restoring it.”

The original Ice Warrior costume is accompanied by Skaldak from Cold War, as well as a new-look Cyberman from Nightmare in Silver.

First Doctor TARDIS Console 2The First Doctor’s console was originally designed by Peter Brachaki (under instructions from Barry Newberry) and was, in fact, a light shade of green, so as to appear white on a black-and-white screen without flaring under studio lights!

An Adventure in Space and Time is expected to air in November to celebrate the 50th anniversary, so we highly recommend seeing this stunning replica. Don’t hesitate to book tickets for the Doctor Who Experience – it’s a Whovian’s dream!


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