Into the Dark Dimension Fan Film

As stories that failed to materialise go, The Dark Dimension is a doozy.

4th Doctor with Daleks

Legends foretell of a time long ago (1993) where fan scholar Adrian Rigelsford, descended from a storm-swept mountain holding stone tablets decreeing ‘There shall be a direct to video 30th Anniversary film, Tom Baker wants to be the Doctor again, we can get the others!’ and there was much rejoicing.

The tablets spoke of an adventure; a time bending affair that sees the Fourth Doctor wrenched from his fate at the Pharos Project by a malicious creature – causing the formation of the ‘dark dimension’. Literally living on borrowed time, he must fix the breach in the timeline before he and his other incarnations are erased from existence.

However, when the stone tablets, now written into script form, were presented to  BBC Enterprises, the corporation, lacking the experience, revenue and man-power to produce a film and, indeed, unite all the Doctors together long enough to film them, doth said:


But fans, eager to see such a production, have taken what has been passed down and attempted to realise the mouth-watering potential of such a celebration.


Enter Quinton Kyle Hoover, who with a script said to be the latest version of the special yet to be released by anyone on the internet has begun work on bringing the tale to life.

Uniting a band of merry men that include fan film veteran and creator of Gallifrey Base, Steve Hill; Kurt Bergeron, who was recently in the fan audio drama Pieces of Eight; Quinton Kyle Hoover, who’ll be taking on the mantle of the Fourth Doctor; Tegan Harris as Ace; and James Braddock, yet again playing the Brigadier after his turn in the spoof fan trailer The Big Whobowshi.

The group has also produced two test trailers featuring the Fourth and Third Doctor and the results are encouraging to say the least.

You can keep up with progress on their quest to bring the story to life on the Doctor Who: Into the Dark Dimension Fan Page on Facebook.


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