Rupert Everett Claims He Auditioned for Doctor Who

Rupert Everett announced at a reading from his memoirs at the Edinburgh International Book Festival that he went up for the part of the Doctor! Well actually he says he went up for the part of ‘Doctor Who’, which must be a character from some lesser-known science-fiction program (tsk!…)


Part of the fun of waiting to find out who the next Who will be is picturing what others could be like in the role but I have to say Everett has never been on my list. His version of Sherlock Holmes was probably the most Doctorish role he’s been in, though what I find most distinctive about Everett’s performances is the way he oozes Posh. In fact there’s something appealing about the idea of a multi-doctor story with some Pertwee-Troughton one-upmanship between an Everett Doctor and Christopher Eccleston’s…

He’s high-profile, successful and (assuming he did audition) would have been our first openly gay actor in the role. Interestingly he shares a monastery-based education with Tom Baker and, like Pertwee, was thrown out of drama school. But without wanting to sound harsh, the main problem with Everett being the Doctor is he isn’t Peter Capaldi, which—let’s be honest—is a basic requirement.

Then there’s this comment,

I tried to be Doctor Who but was turned down.mI would have loved to have been Doctor Who but it is filmed in Cardiff and I don’t think I would like to be in Cardiff.

I think it’s time I came clean. I also tried out for the role of the Doctor. Yes, it’s true. And so did my elderly next-door neighbour and so did her cat, Mr Bronson. We’ve been discussing Everett’s comments over tea and ‘dodgers and this attitude doesn’t impress. Each of us would give our right arm/ paw to live in Cardiff as the star of the best telly program ever.

So thanks for the interest, Rupes, but our show deserves more passion than that!

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