Kasterborous Magazine #1 FINAL

Ten Things You Need to Know About Kasterborous Magazine

So we put this magazine together, and to be honest it has been tough. However, it has been a wonderful experience, a steep learning curve for designer James McLean (he of the podKast) and myself, and we’re now delighted to be able to offer the print version of Kasterborous Magazine for sale right now – indeed, it is just £4.99 until 6pm tonight!

Kasterborous Magazine Issue 1!

It strikes us though that you might just not get what the magazine is. So here are ten things you should know about the magazine itself and why we decided to produce it (and why we’re working on issue 2).

1. Kasterborous Magazine is written by Doctor Who fans. Christian Cawley, the editor of this site and the magazine, has spent a lot of time making sure that the contributors are passionate fans with something interesting to say. Actor and writer Elton Townend Jones has his own column; James McLean (who also designs and works on the Kasterborous podKast) reviews Tom MacRae’s rarely-seen Crash of the Elysium show. Philip Bates manages to interview Matt Smith.

2. Kasterborous Magazine is about Doctor Who fans. Gareth Mugridge is a Dalek builder. Christine Grit went on holiday to Wales just to visit Portmerion, where location shooting of 1976’s The Masque of Mandragora was recorded. Paul Hanley is an astounding artist and illustrator with many memorable images to his name, and John Guilor is the voice artist who brought the First Doctor back to life in the DVD reconstruction of Planet of Giants.

3. We interview Matt Smith at the Doctor Who Experience. There isn’t much more you can say than that. It’s a great interview.

4. Have you ever wanted to build a Dalek? We show you how. Doctor Who Magazine has never paid much attention to prop building. We do; we love it!

5. As well as the new print format that you can now own and add to your collection of Doctor Who stuff, ready to open and read whenever you see fit (while sniffing the paper and admiring the artwork), Kasterborous Magazine is available in PDF with other electronic formats arriving imminently.

6. Hey, we interview Karen Gillan! Thanks here go to our website’s associate editor Brian Terranova, who was able to attend 2012’s premier of Asylum of the Daleks.

Tom MacRae interviewed in Kasterborous Magazine #1

7. Our interview with Tom MacRae tells you everything you need to know about The Crash of the Elysium, a live Doctor Who show/experience that ran in 2011 and 2012.

8. We interview Matt Smith. Again. As with the Karen Gillan interview, this is from the Asylum of the Daleks premiere in New York

9. We’re paying our contributors. Strictly speaking Kasterborous Magazine isn’t a traditional fanzine as we’re paying contributors a modest fee (based on sales, so hurry up and order your copy!). Naturally we don’t have the resources of Doctor Who Magazine, SFX or Doctor Who Adventures, but we aim to be able to publish several copies a year. In case you didn’t realise it, this is pretty exciting. Although pitches must be thematically relevant to future issues, this is an open shop, (small) paying market, unlike DWM and DWA.

10. We want Kasterborous Magazine to be renowned as an accurate reflection of fandom, focussing on rarely-touched upon topics and areas. In future issues we’ll be looking at fan films, fan fiction, RPGs, video games, the early days of fandom and fan artists, to name just a few.

This, dear reader, is essentially ten reasons why you should care about and buy Kasterborous Magazine. We’re on the brink of doing something remarkable here!

Our limited time offer of just £4.99 (plus p&p) has now been extended to 6pm tonight. If you want a copy of Kasterborous Magazine issue 1 and to be here at the beginning as we enter a new era of this website and Doctor Who fanzines in general then please don’t miss out – head to the Kasterborous Store now!


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