Peter Capaldi IS the Twelfth Doctor Who!

The Twelfth Doctor Illustrated!

We could be forgiven for thinking we’re looking into the untempered schism as we gaze at the first ‘comic book’ images of Twelfth Doctor, hoisting his sonic screwdriver aloft.

Peter Capaldi IS the Twelfth Doctor Who!

Alas, these are not cuttings from the year 2014, but rather snazzy pieces of fan art created by Doctor Who fans from all walks of cyberspace. And they’re good. Really good, actually.

Some have been created as part of Down The Tubes’ online competition (open until 12 noon UK time on September 5th), whilst others have been realised just for fun, as speculative enthusiasts try to envisage how Peter Capaldi might look in his illustrated adventures.

The most interesting aspect is the Twelfth Doctor’s costume. With Capaldi being one of the most senior actors to have been cast in the role, the consensus in the world of fan art is that his garb will evoke flair and sophistication, harking back to the Edwardian feel of the Jon Pertwee years. Only time will tell if these predictions turn out to be true.

One thing is for certain, though. In each and every one of these illustrations, Capaldi fits the part like a glove. Whether slumped over the TARDIS console or leaning against the phone box with a wide-eyed grin, his face oozes Gallifreyan mystique, reassuring us that the Time Lord’s future is in very safe hands.


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