Russell T Davies and Mark Gatiss - who should replace Steven Moffat on Doctor Who?

Who YOU Chose To Replace Steven Moffat [POLL RESULT]

Last month we asked you who you wanted to replace Steven Moffat as Doctor Who showrunner should rumours of his departure in the near future come to pass.

The result was interesting, with a clear split between two hugely popular names in Doctor Who

Russell T Davies and Mark Gatiss - who should replace Steven Moffat on Doctor Who?

In answer to the questionWho should replace Steven Moffat as Doctor Who showrunner?readers of Kasterborous answered:

  • Russell T Davies  34.32%  (543 votes)
  • Mark Gatiss  33.38%  (528 votes)
  • Toby Whithouse  14.03%  (222 votes)
  • Other:  10.87%  (172 votes)
  • Philip Hinchcliffe  6.38%  (101 votes)
  • Matthew Graham  1.01%  (16 votes)

While there is little to choose between the man who brought Doctor Who back, Russell T Davies and Mark Gatiss, it might also be classed as a damning indictment of the Steven Moffat era that so many would be happy for the show to take a retrograde step – perhaps to erase the memory of some unnecessarily convoluted plots?

On the other hand, Mark Gatiss’ stories haven’t been as widely loved as Moffat’s or Davies’, yet he remains popular among fans. On the other hand, The Unquiet Dead and The Crimson Horror are both excellent episodes.

Toby Whithouse, meanwhile, was previously Being Human‘s creator and main writer, and his Doctor Who stories such as School Reunion and The God Complex have proved enduring.

The “Other” option saw Neil Gaiman as the most popular option, with the writer of The Doctor’s Wife and Nightmare in Silver sitting alongside Nick Briggs and Dirk Gently‘s Howard Overman.

Our cheeky suggestion of Philip Hinchcliffe drew plenty of votes too. Remember that Hinchcliffe – unlike his predecessor Barry Letts – was not a writer. Yet his era of Doctor Who is one of the most loved and fondly remembered for episodes as wonderful as The Pyramid of Mars and The Robots of Death.

Finally, Matthew Graham’s name has been linked with the Doctor Who job for several years, and the writer – who co-created Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes – has had mixed success with the poorly executed Fear Her (not a bad script but an awful production) and the more interesting The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People.

So, Kasterborites, you have spoken – but what are the chances of Russell T Davies returning, really…?

I think commenter Lara put it best:

I’d love for RTD to come back, but he won’t and has said repeatedly that he won’t. Hell Moffat can’t even get him to write a single episode for him. He’s invited him back to write every season since he took over and he’s refused. I think we just have to accept the man knows how to leave while on top.

Our considered opinion is that Steven Moffat’s successor is someone already known to us, but not, perhaps, a big name…


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