Davros as found in the Doctor Who Figure Collection

Doctor Who Figurine Collection Running Order Confirmed

Eaglemoss, the people behind the new Doctor Who Figurine Collection, have released a list of the first twenty-three characters that will be available in the 80+ figurine collection through the collection’s official Facebook page.

Davros as found in the Doctor Who Figure Collection

There are a few surprises lurking in the predominantly Nu-Who line up; namely a Cyberman from Troughton serial The Invasion and Omega appearing in the first twenty, while non of the incarnations of The Master make the opening line up, as you can see below:

1. Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)
2. Davros
3. Cyber Controller
4. Weeping Angel
5. Silurian
6. Bronze Dalek
7. Sontaran
8. Tenth Doctor ( David Tennant)
9. Ice Warrior
10. Silent
11. Rassilon
12. Ood
13. Dalek Suprerme
14. Cyberman (2013)
15. Omega
16. Vashta Narada
17. Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
18, Judoon
19. Dalek Dead Planet
20. Sycorax
21. Cyberman (Invasion)
22. Ninth Doctor (Eccleston)
23. Heavenly Host


Not so much of a surprise is the inclusion of Tom Baker as the only classic Doctor to appear in the first quarter of the collection, as arguably the most iconic and recognizable incarnation he was always going to be a favorite for early release.

Even by Nu-Who standards there seem to be some odd choices for a collection that will most likely live or die by its opening selection, and subsequent subscription uptake, with the likes of the Heavenly Host and Rassilon, assuming of course that we are talking about Timothy Dalton as opposed to the more portly portrayal seen in The Five Doctors.

But who, or what, else can we expect from the collection. Has this opening salvo piqued your interest or has the lack of equal portions of classic put you off a little? Drop us a line below and let us hear what you think about the line up so far.


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