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Ever wondered just how many Dalek stories there have been thoughout Doctor Who‘s illustrious 50 years, and maybe which one got the highest ratings? Well, wonder no more: there’s now an app for that!

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ListLava Doctor Who Edition is a one-stop shop for Whovian trivia hounds. Its main selling point is its multiple filters that can be applied to the lists.

It’s easy to find a list of Doctor Who stories, or every Dalek story ever shown but how about finding a list of Doctor Who stories, starring David Tennant, featuring the Daleks, and Rose Tyler, available on Netflix?

The app currently covers every story from 1963’s An Unearthly Child right through to this years Series 7 finale, The Name of the Doctor and features 16 different filers that can be applied and combined including season number, companions, aliens, producers, writers, directors, average viewing figures and availability across several mediums.

Personally I found the most impressive of these filters one simply marked ‘Unit’. This lists every member of the international task force to have appeared onscreen ranging from Brigadiers Lethbridge-Stewart and Bambera right down to including such one time characters as Corporal Nutting from The Silurians and Private Ogden from Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

The Doctor, Sarah and their UNIT family.

The app also allows you to save any custom lists you create and share them via Facebook. Each story also has embedded into its main listing page direct links to related content on Google (and Google images), YouTube, Flickr and Wikipedia. Handy if, like me, you happen to be running any Doctor Who themed quiz nights if nothing else.

The information included all seems solid enough; being one of those fans who loves random trivia and a good list I was eager to see what errors, if any, would pop out. I was pleasantly surprised to find that almost everything seems to be spot on. The only point I found that seemed wrong to me was the credit that Terrance Dicks, Douglas Adams and Terry Nation all co-wrote The Five Doctors. To contrast this, the entry for The Daemons credits the writers as Barry Letts and Robert Sloman rather than the fictional onscreen credit of Guy Leopold. Well played List Lava, well played.

Roger Delgado - still the ultimate Master

Considering the amount of information this app crams in (including the promise of continued free updating and the potential addition of more filters), a price tag of £1.99 is fairly reasonable and should definitely be considered by any Whovians who, like myself, can’t help pausing their DVDs to look up just how many stories Mike Yates actually appears in. (The answer is ten, by the way.)

And if your still wondering, there have been 32 Dalek stories with Tom Baker’s Destiny of the Daleks scoring the highest viewing figures with 13.6 million.

ListLava Doctor Who Edition is available for iPhone and iPad, and an Android version is planned.


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