Matt’s On Set – With a Wig!

Yesterday, current Doctor Matt Smith donned a wonderful wig to start filming on the 2013 Christmas special – and alas, we won’t be able to say ‘current Doctor’ for much longer.

Christmas 2013

There are plenty of photos of Matt and companion, Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald), as they strolled around River View, Cardiff, twirling the trusty sonic screwdriver and proudly displaying a Christmas turkey.

(Which puts an end to the “Kasterborous Theory” that he’s already recorded his regeneration, I guess…)

And fingers crossed the great array of pictures will quieten those worrying about Matt’s wig, after he shaved all his hair off for Ryan Gosling’s How To Catch A Monster.

It certainly isn’t the first time the Doctor has worn a wig. In fact, the First Doctor wore one! It was an exceptional one, don’t you think? Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, famously hated his wig. And the Eleventh Doctor has worn wigs (or at least hair extensions) before, notably in The Wedding of River Song. And Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, must’ve worn a wig, because that hair is unreal. I mean, it’s a miracle. It can’t be real, can it? Can’t be.

(And yes, I know it’s his real hair. Be quiet.)

Jenna at ChristmasA plethora of photos can be seen all over the internet, but especially on Twitter. It’s where social networking excels. Many photos are by Ryan Thomas-Farrell, so big thanks to him for giving us an insight into filming. She-Goat has also provided us with a teasing report:

“As soon as [Matt] climbed out of the car he gave Jenna a big hug and they walked arm in arm towards the crew. Matt proceeded to give several people hugs, which made me wonder if this was the first day he was seeing a lot of the crew as there was far more of a meet-and-greet than normal. The first scene he filmed with Jenna was them leaving the TARDIS and heading towards the flats, dialogue was hard to hear due to the distance and the wind but The Doctor appeared to be berating Clara for disliking Christmas.”

As we all know, if the Who production crew turn up somewhere, fans will follow, eager to see everyone’s favourite Time Lord, his Impossible Girl and that gloriously old-new-borrowed-blue box.

People will probably find fault in the wig – just because – but if they do, there’ll be hell toupee. (I’ll get me coat.)


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