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Moffat: Capaldi Appearances Theory Will Be Included [VIDEO]

Steven Moffat recently chatted to the Nerd³ guys about various Doctor Who and Sherlock topics (not to mention Tumblr) in a video interview on YouTube, which you can view above.

Easily the most interesting aspect of the discussion on the comfy sofa was the fact that Peter Capaldi’s prior appearances in Doctor Who and Torchwood are going to be recognised in future episodes.

As you may recall, Capaldi guested as Caecilius in Fires of Pompeii and also played the unpleasant politico John Frobisher in the superb Torchwood: Children of Earth. Unlike Freema Agyeman and Karen Gillan, these are two significant roles and The Moff has revealed that he is “not going to ignore the fact.”

I remember Russell [T Davies] told me that he had a big old plan as to why there were two Peter Capaldi’s in the Who universe: one in Pompeii and one in Torchwood. When I cast Peter and Russell got in touch to say how pleased he was, I said, ‘Okay, what was your theory and does it still work?” and he said, ‘Yes it does. Here it is…’

We’ll play that one out over time. It’s actually quite neat.

There is also some interesting news about the nature of regeneration, and why the Doctor ends up with a particular face.

The face is not set from birth. It’s not like he was always going to be one day Peter Capaldi. We know that’s the case because in The War Games he has a choice of faces. So we know it’s not set, so where does he get those faces from? They can’t just be randomly generated because they’ve got lines. They’ve aged. When he turns into Peter he’ll actually have lines on his face.
So where did that face come from?

Lots to look forward to when the new Doctor finally turns up…


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