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Show of hands – how many out there reading this knew our own sweet Rory Williams, Mr. Arthur Darvill, was an accomplished musician? I know I was unaware of his musical talents until well after I’d seen all of his episodes of Doctor Who.

Mr. Darvill has a number of musical credits to his name, including songs and music for the theater, and is currently on Broadway, starring as Guy in the musical Once. He has collaborated with writer Ché Walker on both a play and a musical and is set to open the first musical at the famed Shakespeare’s Globe theater with Walker’s The Lightning Child.

Image from Shakespeare's Globe

The musical tells of the classic themes of sex, power, and retribution through a variety of real and imagined characters, from Billie Holiday and Neil Armstrong to addicts, musicians, and even a pittbull terrier all while under-the-influence worshipers gather to honour the god Dionysus, much to the dismay of the king.

Says Darvill of the musical:

The Lightning Child isn’t a story with songs – it’s a story you cannot tell without songs – which makes it rather unique as a musical. Ché’s script ranges hugely across time and space so I had complete stylistic license when it came to composing the music.


It’s a big clash and mixture of styles, from blues, to drum and bass, to hymns, to Caribbean steel drums. This is music that makes you move, and we want to use the fact that the groundlings are already on their feet to create a carnival atmosphere and get everyone dancing.


If you are lucky enough to be in the area, the show runs from 14th September through 12th October and tickets are available from the Shakespeare’s Globe

Arthur Darvill has also been tweeting a link recently to a contest at The Big Issue. The site has teamed up with Shakespeare’s Globe and is offering a contest to win tickets to see the production. Act fast though, because the contest ends 9th September!


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