Peter Davison “making an appearance” During 50th!

Is this THE news we were waiting for – classic Doctors in the 50th anniversary episode?

Fifth Doctor Peter Davison has been active all week – littering the pages of Kasterborous – and his comments to BANG Showbiz follow hot on the heels of the news that he is in possession of a 50th anniversary script personally earmarked for him. But what exactly did he say?…

I’m making an appearance somewhere over that period of time but I can’t reveal in what… it’s a big year for the show and we’re all doing our bit for it. Trust me.

Hold up. Several news sites are leading with an announcement that Davison is actually in the Day of the Doctor anniversary episode though don’t specify whether they think he’ll be playing the Fifth Doctor or have some other role. Digital Spy is rightly more cautious citing his “involvement” in the anniversary celebrations and noting that he actually refused to say whether he was in the special or not.

There’s certainly a lot of smoke but no sign of what sort of fire is behind it. No surprises there. The obvious problem with involving classic Doctors is that they don’t really look like they used to. Some viewers may find this pushes their powers of belief a bit too far. There’s a reason he returned for a Children In Need minisode Time Crash and not the main series. So – how is Davison pulling it off? Here are some suggestions:

Could Davison be starring as a Fifth Doctor from an alternate timeline in which Peri never developed Spectrox Toxaemia, allowing the Time Lord to knocked-back the antidote himself and live to go a bit silver on top?

Is he doing a reverse-Baker/Capaldi and starring in a non-Doctor role after his tenure?

Could Peter Davison be providing a voice-over (it’s not like he hasn’t got the experience…)


We’ll find out in November. In the meantime what do you think about some other comments Davison made?


“There will get to a point where people get a bit tired of Doctor Who. I don’t know, maybe it will need a little rest. I’d love to see it carry on but you never can tell.”


Wait, wut?? Is this Grumpy-Old-Man pessimism showing through or does he have a point? We had a ‘rest’ over 2009 with Tennant’s series of specials and there were the Wilderness Years between Classic and New Who. Arguably these may have been good for the show and protected it from the curse of familiarity. But the whole remit of Doctor Who is to change and enthuse. There will always be new viewers because there will always be a new generation. And have you SEEN American fans?! They’re amazing – they don’t get tired of ANYTHING. Personally I think the home audience will tire of Who when we tire of Tea (some time after Hell re-brands as a demonic ski-resort).


So what do you think? Are we looking at a 5th Doctor appearance in Day of the Doctor? Or is Davison talking about another part of the celebrations? And does he have a point about people tiring of Who, or is he mis-reading the nature of fandom?


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