Doctor Who Prop from 1971 serial Terror of the Autons reached £5000 on eBay

Terror Of The Autons Prop Fetches Over £5000 at Auction!

Did The Master compel him to do it? An Australian collector reportedly has paid over £5000 for an original Auton mask from the 1971 Doctor Who story Terror of the Autons.

Doctor Who Prop from 1971 serial Terror of the Autons reached £5000 on eBay

The mask was sold on eBay by Chris and Tim Smith, who actually played with it as children. The mask was given to them in the late 70s by their father, who worked for a trucking company that moved props for TV and movie studios. He received the piece of Doctor Who history from his manager at the company.  Said Tim Smith:

“One day the boss told my dad, ‘You’ve got kids. Why don’t you have this and scare them with it?'”

On eBay, the mask piled up a whopping 51 bids and went for a final price of 5154 pounds on the night of September 5th.

Besides just being very cool, the painted fiberglass Auton face which you can still see on eBayactually is of some historical importance to Doctor Who fans and collectors. The story in which the mask appeared, Terror of the Autons, was a sequel of sorts to the Third Doctor’s well-received debut story, 1970’s Spearhead from Space.

Terror featured only the second appearance of the Autons–most recently seen in 2005’s Rose and 2010’s The Big Bang — and kicked off Season Eight for Jon Pertwee’s Doctor. More importantly, it also introduced several long-standing and beloved characters, including evil nemesis The Master (Roger Delgado), companion Jo Grant (Katy Manning), and UNIT mainstay Captain Mike Yates (Richard Franklin).

So, Kasterborites, do you see the cheery-yet-creepy Auton mask as historically important, or will it just make the best (and most expensive) Who-inspired Halloween costume ever?


Drew has been a fan of Doctor Who ever since he flipped through the channels late one night and saw a girl blowing up an army of funny robot men with nothing but a slingshot and some old coins. He currently lives somewhere in the woods of Missouri with his beautiful wife Barbara.

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