Dalek voice and Big Finish honcho Nicholas Briggs

Voice of the Daleks Joins Infinite

Our man behind the “Wobulator”, the voice of the Daleks and Cybermen, Nick Briggs, is to take a turn in front of the cameras in a new sci-fi series. Infinite, will be available online early next year. Briggs plays military commander General Richter, heading a crew including an android and a “brooding cyborg” into a black hole. See the rather secretive teaser trailer below…



A behind the scenes blog will be available this Autumn (which, judging by the weather outside my window, should be any time around now…) and you can sign up for updates here http://www.infinitewebseries.com/


Of course this won’t be Briggs’s first on-screen appearance in scifi. A long time ago, during the Great Hiatus, he wrote, directed and starred in several unofficial fan spin-offs. Like Moffat, Davies and Tennant he is another fan-turned-professional. And like them he seems to be a thoroughly decent chap (as we all are, natch). Take a look at Briggs on being a life-long-fan in this interview snippet from the 1998 spin-off Auton 2: Sentinel (written and directed by Briggs).




He comes across as so much of a gentleman I’m having difficulty picturing him as the staple hard-nosed “military commander”. But then this is the man who gave us Dalek Caan, the Judoon and Grand Marshal Skaldak. Could we be in for a surprise? We’ll have to wait till 2014 to see if his vocal talents translate to an on-screen appearance…

(Via SFX.)


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