Waterstones Signing: Dark Horizons & Who-ology

The 50th is shaping up to be a great year for Who literature! We recently reported a book signing to take place in Cowbridge on Wednesday, but it’s now going to have some company on the calendar. Waterstones Gower Street will be featuring a book signing with authors Jenny Colgan, Mark Wright, and Cavan Scott. The
authors will also be discussing their recent Who projects, as well as chatting up the Doctor.

gower street who sign

Colgan’s most recent Doctor Who novel, Dark Horizons, saw the Doctor (of the Matt Smith variety) encounter Vikings, chess, and an uncontrollable fire. Authors Scott and Wright will be on hand to discuss their Who-almanac, Who-ology, which, given the rich history of Doctor Who, will be a welcome resource as we barrel on towards the 50th Anniversary episode (while current speculations say we won’t actually see too many of the remaining classic Doctors, you can be sure that there will be winks and nods to the past throughout).

The event is tomorrow, 25th September, starting at 6:30pm. With tickets only £5, or £3 if you’re a member of the retailer’s loyalty program, this is another can’t-miss opportunity to meet some great writers and
discuss everyone’s favorite Time Lord. Feel free to chime in if you’re heading down to Gower Street tomorrow (or if you wish you were attending the event)!

Cavan Scott recently told us:

“The writing took around three months although the planning and research took a lot longer. Especially having to do things like go back and watch every episode featuring the Daleks to see how many times they said ‘Exterminate’ or any of its variations.”

You can read that full interview here on Kasterborous – and find out more about tomorrow’s event at the Waterstones website.

(Thanks to Cavan Scott.)


“That’s bacon! Are you trying to poison me?” And from that line on, I’ve been unable to stop watching, reading, musing about the Doctor. As a recent transplant to the Whoniverse, I’ve been trying to soak up as much Who-related knowledge as possible. That journey has taken me from the Tenth Planet to the Fields of Trenzalore and gently set me at the edge of my seat for what’s next. It’s an honor to be here and I plan to bring a unique perspective. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey alongside me.

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