That 50th Anniversary Trailer Breakdown You Know You Need To See

So, you might have heard about the seriously awesome Doctor Who trailer that went out tonight, a cornucopia of 50 years of time travel, with colourised images, bullet time, sonic screwdrivers and a Matt Smith voice over.

If not, go watch it now. You cannot miss it.

Among the items and characters you might spot are Yeti chess piece, Clockwork Robot mask, Hieronymous mask, Cloven Hoof pub sign, Key to Time, Polyphase Avatron, graffiti saying: No More, Dalek saucer, 60s Daleks and 80s Cybermen, Voc Robot, Bessie, Giant spider, Golden Gate bridge, various TARDIS keys and sonics and a fob watch, as well as Sarah Jane Smith, Rose Tyler, Clara Oswin, and possibly the Brigade Leader alternative of the Brigadier from Inferno.

We’ve brought some of them into this very post, just for you.

For the full 222 image breakdown, please head to our Facebook Page – and it would be great if you could hit the Like button while you’re there, too!

(Thanks to Elton Townend Jones for help with the spotting!)


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