Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Teaser Trailer: Behind The Scenes

Admit it, how many of you are still freeze framing the trailer to see what else is in there? Don’t worry I’m doing it too. Having had some time to digest the teaser, the BBC have releases a hand full of behind the scenes photos showing just how all that wibbly wobbly magic was created, and quite frankly it is astounding.

I for one had not realised that most of the items, and indeed the Doctors, were actually real and on the set. I had imagined that much like the wonderful image for Big Finish’s Light at the End featuring Doctors Four through Eight, it had all been achieved by some very clever boffins on a laptop.  Not so, it seems that a combination of various look-a-likes and body doubles were employed.

Don’t forget that Kasterborous has a 222 image gallery of screen captures from the trailer on our Facebook page.

That opening section, going through the doors of the scrap yard and seeing all those memories; Hieronymous’ mask, a Clockwork Robot and the sign from The Cloven Hoof, all these things it would seem were really there. For me that makes the trailer even more special.

We can also see the Tom Baker double being fanned down between shots due to the sheer volume of the iconic scarf, which, according to the Radio Times, was a twenty four foot long replica created specially for the trailer.

Closer inspection also shows just how many Daleks featured in the clip, not to mention incarnations of Cybermen (is that a Gaiman Cyber-arm with attached gun I see in one shot?)

OK, San Diego Comic Con got to see some footage from the episode: big woop.

We have been given a hand grafted gem of a trailer, filled with specially shot footage; just think how long it must have taken to gather up some of those props, let alone the actual setting up of the scenes.

Honestly, if the BBC don’t release another thing, not a single photo, between now and November 23rd, I would be happy. But as always, my opinion is only the tip of the iceberg, we want to know what you think about the trailer, and more interestingly, has your opinion of it changed having seen the extreme amount of time and effort that has clearly gone into producing it. Maybe you would rather just have had a look at the episode?

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