Hallowe’en Who in Chicago!

Horror-based Who is coming to Chicago this Hallowe’en at the Next Door Café.

The Meetup website has an active, 480-strong Doctor Who group who meet for screenings of favourite episodes and indulge in glorious Geekdom. On Sunday October 27th the group will be screening two fear-infused stories: Hide from Series 7 starring Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman will be shown alongside 1976’s The Brain of Morbius, appropriately from Season 13 (!) with Tom Baker and Elizabeth Sladen.

The theme is Holmes (as in Robert) – the writer who gave us shiversome gems like Pyramids from Mars and The Talons of Weng-Chiang – and Hinchcliffe (as in Philip), the producer who delivered the palpitation-heavy horror-soaked early years of Tom Baker’s reign.

Both stories obviously borrow heavily from the horror genre. But while The Brain of Morbius reaches back to the nineteenth century and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (inspired by her Big Finish adventures with the Eighth Doctor, no less!), Hide in contrast evokes the fantastic 1972 ghost story The Stone Tape by Nigel Kneale – author of the Quatermass serials.

The Brain of Morbius

So if you are in Chicago, be sure to head over for some Gothic scares-in-flares and settle down to two prime morsels of Who horror! And if you’re not in Chicago but are a fan of sinister sci-fi then I highly recommend a viewing of The Stone Tape – it’s a 1970s Who set-up where the Doctor never arrives. A team of scientists, including a woman (!), use lots of *science* to investigate a ghost in a creepy old house, unearthing an ancient mystery in the process. Sound familiar?

Find out more here – or find the Next Door Café on Google Maps!


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