Hey, Kasterborous, Where’s My Newsletter?!

The observant among you should have noticed that we have a newsletter – which you can sign up to just over there >>>> – which up until very recently went out on a daily-or-so basis.

This was the second generation newsletter, an automated affair that was designed to update our readers with the latest big stories. While it succeeded with this aim to some extent, for some it was too often; for others, too specific (and for others still, nothing to do with the newsletter they thought they’d signed up for, namely something to do with medical practitioners – I kid you not!)

At present, the newsletter isn’t being sent out, but we aim to resolve this state of affairs in the next few days with a transfer to some new software. Once this has been achieved, we’ll then be sending out a single weekly email covering the most vital Doctor Who news of the past 7 days and the most vital articles on Kasterborous. In format, it will be a little more like the original newsletter back in 2011/12.

If you’re one of our newsletter subscribers, a couple of things. Firstly, thank you! Second, lookout for an email that you may need to respond to (via a confirmation link) in order to agree to the new newsletter.

We hope to have the new newsletter sorted out soon – keep your eyes peeled!


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