Moffat Wants Doctor Who/ Star Trek Crossover

STOP EVERYTHING. Moffat has said yes to a Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover – all it needs is for the makers of America’s biggest sci-fi franchise to agree and we can make it so. Biggest Geekgasm imaginable. Speaking at the Radio Times sponsored Cheltenham Literature Festival, Moffat said he’d be on board for a collaboration if the yanks were keen.

“It’d be brilliant fun… I would do it in a shot – of course I would.”

Of course this has happened already in comic book form (or ‘graphic novel’ if you, like me, count it as propa literature). Assimilation2 saw Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Jean-Luc Picard team up with the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory to battle Cybermen/Borg cyborg smorgasbord. While some purists on both sides might object to mixing the canon of Who and Trek, there can’t be many sci-fi fans who wouldn’t love to hear the TARDIS materialising on the bridge of Picard’s Enterprise. However Moffat is, as you’d expect, realistic

“I’d do it – I can’t imagine they would. I can’t imagine they would do it, because they’re too protective.”

Of course he’s right. Though I would argue that the BBC is equally protective of their brand and neither would want to come off as the lesser cousin. It does raise some interesting questions about the shows and how they aim to be seen. Trek has had eccentric semi-mythical beings with powers bordering on the supernatural with ‘Q’ and Who can easily accommodate the space-opera premise of Trek. But arguably, since the major re-imagining of Star Trek with Chris Pine at the helm, the brand is too loud. I can’t really see it accommodating the whimsy and playfulness of Doctor Who with the sheeny, serious approach of the new franchise.

An interesting point has been raised in the past that American sci-fi seems to be more about official government teams with a designated leader whereas Brits tend to tell stories about lone anti-establishment mavericks like Doctor Who, Blake’s Seven and Adam Adamant Lives! (Yes, he does count, move along).

Can a captain and a renegade Timelord share leading-man status? What do you think – could the two exist side-by-side? Who would come out on top? (See what I did there…?)


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