Which One Of These Concept TARDIS Interiors Do You Like Best?

We all know it’s “Location Location Location” when choosing digs. Course, if you live in a TARDIS this is less of an issue and you can focus on INTERIOR DÉCOR! Buzzfeed has collected 15 fan-interpretations of what the control room –the show-room of any Type 40 TT capsule– could look like.

The first major overhaul in the TV series came in 1976’s Masque of Mandragora where the “secondary control room” was introduced with a wood-panelled fusion of Gothic and Art Deco. Since then, asides from minor changes to the walls and the stunning new key-pad console in 1983’s The Five Doctors, little changed.

Then in 1996 Paul McGann’s Doctor inherited the Seventh’s re-furbished control room with a Jules Verne-inspired console and walls so distant they were in shadow. Since the show’s return the interior of the TARDIS has taken on a new significance, seeming to be an extension of the Doctor’s personality. The current control room is New Who’s third permanent TARDIS set and, after Coral and Junk, heralded a return to the futurism of the very first control room.

But what would your ideal control room look like? The offerings compiled at Buzzfeed feature some intriguing ideas. Yawning chasms, stained glass windows, a surrounding aquarium and suspended consoles. Number 9 appears to be a riff on the unused design for the unmade season 27 when the classic series ended, by effects designer Mike Tucker art-for-hearts.blogspot.co.uk/2010/03/mike-tucker.html and number 15 is the steampunk version taken from the 2003 animated webcast Scream of the Shalka, recently released on DVD.

Author Lawrence Miles made it clear in his Who novels that the inside appearance of the TARDIS is really an illusion that simpler creatures like humans and Timelords can perceive and interact with… A user-interface with a ‘desktop setting’ as New Who puts it. It could look like literally ANYTHING.

So, glistening floors or soaring buttresses, what do you think? Could the current control room be improved on? Should it look a certain way? If so tell us how…


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