Doctor Who chief Steven Moffat and a Dalek.

Steven Moffat Boasts 77 Million Strong Doctor Who Audience

In his interview with Nerd³ last week, Doctor Who head honcho Steven Moffat was quizzed with regard to the show’s ratings which have fallen under attack from certain areas of the press.

It’s only the papers that care – and it’s only a certain section of fandom that cares. The BBC knows exactly how huge Doctor Who is.

The Moff’s response to these nay-sayers is to look at the bigger picture, which in this case is an audience of 77 million internationally.  And in all honesty it’s not like the ratings are terrible, the lowest point for Series 7 was The Crimson Horror which still managed a respectable 6.47 million viewers, and that’s not counting iPlayer hits which could add up to another two million to the total.

An episode of The X Factor – no one watches again after its first week, our audience has migrated to the point where… more than half of our audience watch it later – whether it’s later that same day or later that week.

So have viewing figures dropped or have fans simply changed the way they watch the show? I know that in my house, many times, I have had to wait until my son was in bed so I had the required peace and quiet to watch an episode on iPlayer; am I part of the reason that figures are down?

How do you watch Who? Are you a dedicated live viewer or, like me do find there are simply times where iPlayer is the only way you can see it uninterrupted?


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