1963: The Space Race and The Queen of Time Out Now

More Doctor Who fun comes courtesy of Big Finish this month as they release two new titles for the Sixth and the Second Doctor.

Continuing the loosely themed main range 1963 trilogy with The Space Race, written by Jonathan Morris, finds the Sixth Doctor and Peri find themselves smack bang in the middle of the Cold War and in the presence of a lady who may be far more than she seems:

November 1963, and the Soviet space programme reigns supreme. Having sent the first animals, then the first men beyond Earth’s atmosphere, now they’re sending a manned capsule into orbit around the Moon.


Just as Vostok Seven passes over into the dark side, however, its life support system fails. Only the intervention of the Sixth Doctor and Peri, adopting the identities of scientists from Moscow University, means that contact with the capsule is regained.


But something has happened to the cosmonaut on board. She appears to have lost her memory, and developed extreme claustrophobia. Maybe she’s not quite as human as she used to be…

Starring Colin Baker as the Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri, 1963: The Space Race is available now on CD for £14.99 or via download for £12.99

Continuing with their release of previously unmade adventures, Big Finish also offer this month Doctor Who – The Lost Stories: The Queen of Time.

The Queen of Time

This tale finds the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe outside of our Universe but you can guarantee they won’t be meeting House anytime soon:

Somewhere outside our universe, she is waiting.


A god-like immortal, living in a realm of clocks. The hours tick slowly by as she plots and plans. She is readying her trap. A trap for a very special man in a very special police box.


Hecuba has all the time in the world. But for the Doctor, time is running out.

This outline comes from writer Brian Hayles (The Ice Warriors) and is adapted by Catherine Harvey. Starring Frazer Hines as Jamie (whilst also supplying another fantastic Patrick Troughton impression) and Wendy Padbury as Zoe, The Queen of Time is available now on CD for £12.99 or via download for £10.99.

To order your copies visit Big Finish now.


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