Buckingham Palace Visit 3

Buckingham Palace Celebrates 50 Years Of Doctor Who!

Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! DOCTOR!!

The Daleks have invaded Buckingham Palace!

Matt Smith, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, and John Hurt were all on hand to save the palace from the invasion of the Daleks at the reception given by the Countess of Wessex to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary.

The Countess reportedly told the four Doctors that she had been a fan of the show since watching it as a child with her brother David.

Buckingham Palace Visit 1

Tom Baker revealed that the Countess said that his Fourth Doctor was her favourite:

She told me I was her favorite Doctor, which is very thrilling and very flattering and I will probably never recover.

Peter Davison, on viewing Daleks and the TARDIS in the Bow Room of the Palace said the sight was “the most incongruous thing I’ve ever seen.”

Matt Smith, who brought his mother Lynne along to the reception, mentioned how it felt for him  to be leaving the show.

Just seeing my old friends that I work with and the kids and the Daleks here and you think it was a great job, but I left. No use crying over spilt milk. Who knows, in 50 years if they will let me come back, I will. As of Christmas Day it’s on to Peter (Capaldi). I wish him all the best.

Jenna Coleman also revealed that she has already shot her first scenes with incoming Doctor Peter Capaldi!

Buckingham Palace Visit 2

The reception was also attended by children from two local primary schools in Cardiff who had competed to make the Queen her very own TARDIS. One included an illuminated crown on the roof and dog flap for the  Queen’s corgis!

(via The Telegraph)


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