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This Is The Day of the Doctor – Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

So, Kasterborites, this is it, the day we’ve been waiting for, The Day of the Doctor… Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary is today.

Half a century ago, a low-budget, bonkers TV show about a mad man with a blue box and an odd granddaughter first aired. While the news of the day was overwhelmed with the world-changing events from Dallas, Texas, the day before, the little television program somehow managed to pull itself from out of the shadow if John F. Kennedy’s assassination and become a cultural phenomenon at least as important as Sherlock Holmes and The Beatles.

This is why we’re here; this is why we’re here today.

When I started in late 2004 (launching in early 2005) with Anthony Dry, little did I expect to be sat here writing this message for the 50th anniversary of my favourite TV show. What an incredible nine years it has been – but what an astounding, jaw droppingly wonderful 50 years it has been for Doctor Who!

Veering from success to failure regularly throughout its TV existence, hitting comics and books and audio and cinematic spin-off movies, this is a show that refused to die, that evolved and changed in a way so unique that others look on with envy.

Fans around the world are celebrating. Cinemas and TV stations in nearly 100 countries can join in at 7.50pm GMT, when the show will be broadcast on TV and beamed to 3D-equipped picture houses for adoring fans to get the chance to see Doctor Who, on the big screen, spoiler-free!

Meanwhile, the past days have seen special broadcasts on TV, radio and in towns and cities, including, of course, the Doctor Who Celebration at ExCel in London and the various stuff going on in Manchester.

We’re celebrating the anniversary with relative sobriety today. While we should have been publishing a review of Survival (had our 50th anniversary classic series reviews project stuck to schedule – don’t worry, birthdays last for 12 months!) we’ll be giving you a full party mood on tomorrow’s PodKast Live (Sunday 24th) on Google Hangouts, which starts at 2pm UK time (9am EST). Join Christian Cawley, James McLean and Brian Terranova for discussion that will almost certainly focus on The Day of the Doctor and An Adventure in Space and Time.

Meanwhile, we’ve got one or two team members at ExCel this weekend, so look out for some reports. You can also follow us on Twitter (@kasterborousdw) to keep an eye on the latest goings on.

But enough from me. What we really want to know is how YOU are celebrating. How will you be watching The Day of the Doctor, and will there be nibbles and/or booze involved? And how much does your local dry cleaner appreciate your business as a regular cosplayer?

Tell us below!


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