Ingrid Oliver appears in The Day of the Doctor

The Day of the Doctor’s Ingrid Oliver On Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

Spoonfed, online guide to happening London, took budding comedic star Ingrid Oliver to the Wellcome collection to grill her over her role as a UNIT scientist in the imminent 50th special, Day of the Doctor. A stone’s throw from Euston station, the collection provides an appropriately weird and wonderful surrounding of scientific oddities for discussing telly, Sci-fi and filming in 3D (it really is very good – and has a lovely bookshop)…

With early performances in London’s Canal Café theatre and several successful Edinburgh Fringe appearances, Ingrid is a rising comedic star and one half of the Watson & Oliver sketch show. What the Spoonfed interview really puts across is how delightfully normal and fun she is:

Every comment she makes comes with a funny footnote, every answer comes with a warning about how actor-y she might sound. There’s a clear balance of self-awareness, humour and thoughtfulness to her conversation.

Just the sort of lady we want working on Who! On-set photos and this behind-the-scenes clip show her appearing alongside Jemma Redgrave’s head of UNIT scientific research, Kate Stewart, and sporting a rather familiar scarf…

In Spoonfed’s interview she notes how Doctor Who’s particular genre brought its own acting challenges,

“The first day on set, I had to run away from a monster and that was weird because I was thinking bizarrely: OK, if I was actually running away from a monster, how would I react? That’s just – I’ve got no reference point for that, there’s no actual experience I can draw on!

Of course had Oliver been a Who fan from a tender age, fleeing monsters or running from the exhaust-blast of a landing alien spaceship would have been a daily playground occurrence. Nevertheless she is a self-confessed telly addict and discusses her love of tv and how it provides viewers with a whole array of genres to dip in to. And this seems to have inspired much of the humour in her on-screen work going by this chortlesome, genre-warping slice…



(And if you nose around you’ll find another all-singing, all-snogging clip with a familiar name from Who’s recent history…) Comic actors have a solid history in Who. John Pertwee was well known for his radio comedy on the Navy Lark when he took on the role and various comedians have appeared over the years including John Cleese, Alexi Sayle, Richard Briers and Catherine Tate’s turn as the inimitable Donna Noble. Assuming UNIT will have more dealings with the Doctor in Capaldi’s era, do we think Oliver could make a re-appearance? Could we even be looking at future companion material?…

(Via Spoonfed)


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