Davison: I’m A Gay Icon, Thanks To Doctor Who

Is the Doctor a gay icon?

In the last 8 years of the show’s history, the topic of the Doctor’s sexual identity is one that has come up more and more often. Most recently, Fifth Doctor Peter Davison spoke to Radio Times about the apparent lack of any sexual identity in the character of the Doctor and how he feels that had the show included more elements of romance and sexual tension during his tenure at the controls of the TARDIS, it would have been “easier to write a better [female] character”

Now we have some of his thoughts on the show’s gay fan base.

I’m not sure if I wasn’t a gay icon, actually…

Doctor Who does have – and all power to it – quite a big gay following. I don’t know if that’s because he’s a bit of an outsider I don’t know what that particular appeal is, but in terms of the fans that you meet along the way, as well as the straight ones there’s a gay fandom, so that’s fun.

In those days it was more difficult to be in that situation and I think the Doctor was something [gay people] could latch on to, as a slightly odd and out of place and not-quite-accepted character, and that had great appeal for them.

Having a character who suffers from the same struggles you face in your own life is what makes stories go from good to great and what really touches us. When those struggles are vastly different from what other people go through, finding someone or something to connect to is even harder and something to be cherished.

As a show that started out life as something meant to be educational, if one person is helped, then it’s done its job.

Kasterborous’ own James Lomond discussed all of what Davison had to say in a recent commentary.

(via Radio Times.)


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