Doctor Who: Say What You See for iOS and Android

Doctor Who: Say What You See Now Available + Mini Review!

Well, The Day of the Doctor has come and gone and we have just shy of a month until The Time of the Doctor; what is a Whovian to do?

Fortunately for you, dear smartphone/tablet using reader, BBC Worldwide and Big Ideas have partnered together to bring you Doctor Who: Say What You See, a brand new game app for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. The game is an interesting hybrid and if you’re already familiar with Big Ideas’ Say What You See: The Collection, you know what I mean; part Where’s Waldo and part word puzzle. The game is beautifully illustrated by Ryan Firchau and starts with three main canvases: the TARDIS, Totter’s Lane, and Gallifrey (coming soon).

Gameplay is fairly straightforward; each canvas allows you to pinch to zoom to identify objects and people. You tap on the puzzle piece and then the keyboard pops up with a box for you to enter your guess as to what the puzzle is referring to. This is where the game becomes both challenging and satisfying, as the developers have pulled from an excellent mix of Classic and nuWho.

Doctor Who: Say What You See

With gaming apps, there is always a fine line to walk between catering to the casual gamer who has a few minutes until their next bus stop and the hardcore gamer that seeks to encounter a challenge. Doctor Who: SWYS pulls off the feat easily. For the casual gamer, and those who may not be as versed in Doctor Who, there are hint coins hidden in each canvas, as well as available for in app purchase. These coins can be used to provide hints for each puzzle object, including the answer if you want to spend your coins that way. You’re given 5 coins at the outset of each canvas, but using the sonic screwdriver will help you determine where to tap on the canvas to identify one of the hidden coins. Three “stuck” hints for people/places/things to search for in each canvas are also available. Once you’ve found one of the hints provided, the hint is reset to a timer. When time has expired, a new hint arrives to help guide you to victory.

Doctor Who and gaming has long been a hit and miss affair. However, I’m pleased to report that this is definitely a bright spot for Who mobile gaming. It is not only a well-crafted Doctor Who app, it is a well-crafted game, period. So, you’re still reading this, right? Ok, then! Get your game on! Links for iOS, Android, and Amazon Appstore/Kindle Fire are here. Let us know, dear reader, if you get a chance to play and your thoughts on the game.

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