Classic era Cyberman helmet replica on eBay!

Don’t Miss This 1960s Replica Cyberman Helmet!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have been one of the early Cybermen? Have you spend large amounts of time pondering just how they managed to get down the steps outside St Pauls without killing themselves?

Just me then?

Regardless, you could recreate that very scene if you were the lucky winner of an auction on ebay for a wonderful replica of that very Cyber helmet, as seen in the 1968 serial ‘The Invasion’.

The helmet itself is a fan made replica rather than an official reproduction but going by the listing pictures it looks as good as you could ever ask for from what is, in my opinion, the most iconic helmet for the cybernetic menace from Mondas.

Classic era Cyberman helmet replica on eBay!

At present the bid is at £99 and has six days to run, the seller mentions that there are a few scrapes but these seem negligible at best – start bidding today and win this helmet in time for November 23rd!

Tempted? Think that such things are madness to buy? Leave us a message below and fill us in on your thoughts about prop replicas in all their glory.

Oh, and if anyone is feeling flush, Christmas is coming and I have been a good boy all year.


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