The Kasterborous Team Reviews The Day of the Doctor

Since 2005 we’ve reviewed every new episode of Doctor Who as it was aired. The majority of these reviews – particularly the event episodes – have been written by me, Christian Cawley, founder and editor.

It seemed a little unfair of me to hog the episode for my own personal review under the circumstances, so instead I’ve invited various members of the team to offer their thoughts on Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary romp, The Day of the Doctor.

James Whittington

As celebrations go this was bombastic stuff with delicate hints and nods to the past every so often coupled with props and lines that would have had the hairs on the back of any fan’s neck standing up to attention. The surprises were smart, each one lapped up and shared amongst those watching, or in my case explained to my daighters and wife. And then The Curator took the stage and the tears arrived. My whole childhood and adulthood was there. In five minutes my passion and love for the show welled up inside.

The story may not have been the finest, a slight Christmas Carol feeling to it, but the enthusiasm and edge between the Doctors was memorable, the Dick Van Dyke quip spot on, and hopefully this has paved the way for the return of more old favourites and old Doctors…

Mez Burdett

Best birthday ever. I could, for the life of me, not stop crying happy tears for the last ten minutes. Then I manned up and cried some more for the wonderful fifty years we’ve all experienced. Not one line, but it reflects my emotion, which was crying.

Becky Crockett

[pullquote align=”right”]Thirteen TARDISes hurtling towards Gallifrey to #SAVETHEDAY is something I didn’t even know my inner-fan was desperate to see[/pullquote]Emotionally and hilariously and nostalgically nourishing!
The movie was an excellent nod to the past of the show while being a magnificent look at where the show is headed!

Barnaby Eaton-Jones

I turned 40 the day after Doctor Who‘s celebratory episode and, as the show has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember, it all ties in with my happy childhood and my illness-ridden adulthood. So, watching it at the cinema was a no-brainer. Laughing and cheering and clapping along with everyone else was a touching experience. And I came out of the cinema in a bit of a daze, feeling like – however much us adults take fandom a little too seriously and critically – I felt like a child again that night.

Jonathan Appleton

All things considered Moffat and the team did pretty well I reckon, the dirty fibbers… I’m not sure how much sense parts of it made but hey, this one was never about that (although the redemption theme was nicely played and rather moving). Those last twenty minutes surely captured the essence of the programme as well as anything has in the midst of this extraordinary jamboree we’ve been enjoying for what feels like every one of those fifty years now.

Nicholas Kitchen

Steven Moffat said in an interview prior to the 50th that the goal was to celebrate what’s come before and push the show forward into the future. The Day of the Doctor succeeded in both celebrating the past and giving the Doctor a new purpose: finding Gallifrey! While I feel there are more questions than answers after seeing the 50th, it was in my estimate the best episode of Doctor Who to date!

Alasdair McKenzie

One to rewatch endlessly, thanks to lovely, often hilarious interplay between the three Doctors.

James Lomond

The Day of the Doctor made me feel like I was seven again.  Thirteen TARDISes hurtling towards Gallifrey to #SAVETHEDAY is something I didn’t even know my inner-fan was desperate to see. Bold, bonkers and with a visit from the future by the Thirteenth Doctor. Joyous!

Excellent closing words there from James. If you’re a Kasterborous purist and want to know what I thought, then please give this week’s podKast a listen –  the excitement from Saturday evening is still clearly present, and you’ll also get to see how Brian Terranova and James McLean reacted to it


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