Celebrate The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary!

Marcus Wilson: “…we’ll attack 3D again.”

As previously reported, BBC’s trial run with 3D programming and production will come to a close, with only two remaining 3D specials left to run –the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special on Nov. 23rd and a documentary on micro-organisms slated to run sometime next year. The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up with Who producer, Marcus Wilson, and discussed his experience with the 3D medium and Doctor Who:

“I am hoping that in watching this the TV drama industry will go away and evaluate how best to proceed with 3D. I was one of 3D’s skeptics, now I am a convert…stereo adds another layer of richness to the show.”

While Wilson may now be a 3D fan, don’t expect to see an entire run of Doctor Who in the third dimension any time soon…at least not yet:

“I don’t think we are quite at a stage in terms of budget or in ease of workflow where a 2D and 3D series production would work, but creatively 3D does add to the story. When the time is right we will attack 3D again.”

Indeed, Wilson even noted that the Day of the Doctor would haven’t been done in 3D had Arri, the camera brand that Doctor Who is filmed with, not introduced a lighter version of their Alexa camera.

Without having seen the finished product (sweet Lord, the 25th cannot get here fast enough!!), it is hard to assess how much it will really add to the special. While most genre films are now released with 3D versions, its success vs. the 2D version is hit and miss with critics in regards to what it actually adds to the movie.

The interview is an interesting read and can be found at the link below. What do you think? Are you excited the Doctor’s big day will be in 3D? Would you want to see a whole series in 3D?

(Via THR)


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