Doctor Who Executive Producer Steven Moffat

Moffat As Intrigued By Doctor Who Casting As Fandom

You can be as professional as you like, but if you’re a fan: you are a FAN. And Moffat is no exception. Doctor Who’s current Big Cheese admitted in an interview with Broadcast Magazine that, despite being the man with final decision, he was as absorbed by the rumours as the rest of us…

If I hear people on the radio talking about Doctor Who, I perk up. When they were speculating about the new Doctor, I found myself getting drawn into the rumours even though I knew it was my job to cast him.

But this is to expected. If you’re going to be any good at casting the best role in TV, you should be someone who gets excited by it. Every suggestion, every rumour and every list of bookies’ favourites is like a casting proposal. Doctor Who fans are used to using their imaginations for the suspension of disbelief the show demands from the moment the reality-bending opening titles roll. And if you can believe that Hartnell’s wisened, silver-haired Doctor is the same person as Smith’s lolloping tweedy student, then it’s a small step to imagine anyone as the Doctor.

As it is I’m over the moon with Moffat’s choice of Peter Capaldi for our next cosmic hero, though For years I’ve thought Bill Nighy would’ve been a wonderful Doctor and I had a lot of fun imagining him in the role. But how about you – which actors (of the male or female persuasion) would turn the head of your inner casting director?

(Via Radio Times.)


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