Doctor Who: Legacy for iOS and Android phones

New Mobile Game Unveiled – Doctor Who: Legacy

Amid all the excitement for for a certain pair of trailers over the weekend something has quietly slipped under the radar, a couple of new images for a new Doctor Who video game.

The images themselves are intriguing, the first is a shot of the monumental TARDIS seen at the end of Name of the Doctor and the second is of an animated group or Daleks and a resurrected Dalek slave from Asylum of the Daleks.

Other than these images all we know so far is that it’s an action RPG and it will be free-to-play and it is called Doctor Who : Legacy.

The games creators, Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studio have been very vocal about the project especially over the past week via both their Twitter and facebook pages.

We are tremendously proud and excited to be publishing/developing a game based on one of our favorite sci-fi properties of all time.”

To anyone familiar with the history of Doctor Who video games, the prospect of another one may not set your world ablaze. But there is a good chance this may be the title to change all that. The game, which in the survey appeared similar to the “puzzle Quest” games, was mentioned in a recent Doctor Who consumer survey, and if the finished game is as it appeared then, then it should be pretty impressive.

So far no release date has been given for the title, which will be available for both iOS and Android operating systems, but it would seem safe to assume that it should hit around the time of the 50th anniversary episode, so any day really.

Are you looking forward to this game? Does the thought of a multi-doctor puzzle based action RPG fill you with glee or have years of bad experiences soured you to the idea of a game based on the show completely? Drop a message below and give us your thoughts.

Gamers may also be interested to know that Kasterborous Magazine Issue 2 focuses almost entirely on Doctor Who‘s long and complicated history with video games. Look out for more news on that in the coming weeks…


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