Missing Doctor Who heading for BBC Four broadcast?

BBC Four Intends To Broadcast Missing Doctor Who Episodes

Ever since it became apparent that missing Doctor Who episodes had been uncovered this year, one of the biggest questions has been “when will they be on TV?”

Well, if BBC Four has its way, the answer is “sooner, rather than later.”

A feature on the Radio Times website today serves the idea up as a very real possibility.

The BBC has confirmed that it has the right to air both The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World in the UK decades after they were first broadcast.  And if they do get aired they will almost certainly be shown on BBC4, senior sources have confirmed.

…a senior BBC executive told RadioTimes.com that no decision had been made but that if BBC television were to obtain the rights they would almost certainly air on BBC4 and not on BBC2.

A Worldwide spokesman said that the “BBC has the rights to show them if they wanted to”.

At the same time, however, the BBC was unable to confirm what sort of deal or arrangement they have will TIEA and Philip Morris.

This all seems to have come about in response to Saturday’s Missing Believed Wiped event at the BFI, in which the genius behind Morris’ approach to the subject of missing tapes was confirmed along with the assertion that the Indiana Jones of lost tapes might have uncovered several tens of thousands of lost canisters (that link is particularly worth reading), many more than thought.

But let’s think about this: The Web of Fear almost complete and The Enemy of the World, on TV, 45 or so years later? How great would it be to see the Second Doctor on a TV set, topped and tailed by announcements and trailers for other shows rather than on a DVD?

With BBC Four’s future looking exceedingly rosy as a cultural archive, this would make perfect sense.

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