Can You Recite All 240 Episodes Names…?

I pride myself on being a wealth of useless information. I can tell you the complete bible quote that Samuel L Jackson uses from Pulp Fiction; I can recite the entire English monarchy from 1066 to the modern day; I can tell you the full titles of every Friday 13th movie, in order but there is one super fan out there that can top all these things.

Teacher Giovanni Antonelli memorised and recited the titles of all 240  stories spanning Doctor Who‘s 50 year history. Every story from An Unearthly Child through to The Day of the Doctor in order.

Ok, admit it, how many of you just tried it yourselves then? Don’t worry, I did too and didn’t even make it out of Hartnell before I missed one.

Giovanni took up the challenge to raise money for Children in Need, and having completed the task in 15 minutes raised £100 for the charity. While he admits he had to learn the title specifically for the challenge, he is a big fan and the challenge itself is the result of a 40 year love of the show.

“Most of it has been rattling around in my head for years – I’ve just never had a reason to learn them all in order.”

His love of the show regularly spills over into his science lessons to which, he says “there’s two responses – some groan and say ‘not this again,’ but others seem genuinely enthusiastic.”

Apparently since the challenge some  colleagues at work have dubbed him a ‘super-nerd’. To this I say Giovanni, wear it as a badge of honour. Your achievement has not only raised money for a good cause but it has no doubt thrown down the gauntlet to countless other fans to attempt the same feat.

Now, if you don’t mind.

Unearthly Child…The Daleks… Edge of Destruction… Marco Polo…


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