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What Would You Like the Eleventh Doctor’s Last Words To Be?

The Eleventh Doctor’s time comes to an end tomorrow in The Time of the Doctor. There will be tears.

One thing we all want to know is what Matt Smith’s final televised words will be. Tennant ended with “I don’t want to go”; Eccleston rightly thought himself fantastic; and McGann went with the wonderful “physician, heal thyself.”

We asked the Kasterborous team what they thought… or at least, what they would like to hear!


“Of course, it’s so obvious! Has anyone ever been so young?”

For a Doctor whose entire run has in some way been all about surviving disaster by the skin of his teeth – bumbling and fumbling his way towards unlikely victory while greater forces have designs on his ultimate undoing – I think it would be fitting for the Eleventh Doctor’s final words to be a realisation.

A sudden understanding of what everything has been about right at the moment everything changes – throw in a bit of winking foreshadowing and a quick acknowledgement of Matt Smith’s uncanny ability to act young through the mannerisms of someone far older and I’d be very happy for someone who’ll probably be blubbing like a baby come Christmas Day.


I would love for Matt Smith’s final words to be something totally bizarre and unexplained.  As he was leaping into the fiery heart of an exploding TARDIS, the Eleventh Doctor could exclaim something like “The Master is my sister!” or “My real name is Doctor Dalek!” or “I’m wearing women’s slacks!” to a bewildered Clara.  And then out would pop a shiny new Peter Capaldi, and none of it would be talked about or explained ever again.  Well, until the 100th anniversary.


I’m hoping it ends quietly for Eleven. He had such an explosive regeneration from Ten, has had such pain and ache and hardship, and I also think he will not expect to be regenerating but dying. So I want it to be quiet for him. I see the scene as happening in the TARDIS, with Clara, and with her comforting him as he presumes his end is near. They have a quiet, whispered conversation about all the good times and what she’ll do once he’s gone and the last thing he’ll  say is one of the first things he said – Geronimo.

An Adventure in Space and Time


I’m not sure that I have anything specific in mind that I would like to hear from Smith’s mouth as the Eleventh Doctor takes his final bow. More than anything I really just want whatever his last words are to be meaningful and poignant. He entered our lives with “Geronimo!” and I feel that maybe it would be slightly cheap to say goodbye in the same manner. For an incarnation whose biggest strength has been his big speeches, maybe a bitter sweet speech on the way to Capaldi would be in order?


Somehow the Tenth Doctor’s plaintive ‘I don’t want to go’ didn’t sit right with me (although I’ll accept it made for a good gag much later in the anniversary special). The Doctor is many things, but surely not a fearful self-pitying wuss. So let’s hope for something fitting for this most exuberant, high-spirited Doctor. This is a Doctor who lives for today; he’s ‘the one who forgets’, right? I want him to be relishing his future, not mourning what he’s about to lose. Assuming Clara’s there to witness it, how about “See you later, impossible girl! Fingers crossed I go ginger this time!!!”


I think I might cry if he says “Geronimo!” I’ve never been fond of it as a catchphrase. In fact I’ve never been keen on catchphrases – such lazy writing, bah! Anyway, moaning aside, I hope his last words are witty. Let’s face it, with the, erm, “Eleventh” Doctor dying on Christmas day, we’re going to need a little cheering up. How about, “I’m focusing on a dress size!” That’s sure to make the forums implode…


I’d like to hear something as upbeat as Eccleston’s last speech – mainly as I’ll be struggling to hold back the floods of tears anyway; another “I don’t want to go” might just ruin Christmas completely.

Confession time: I find many last words too forgettable, too humdrum. They don’t sum up that Doctor well enough. Apart from “Carrot juice,” obviously. I suppose he could go with something Christmassy – Matt encapsulates the Christmas spirit more than any other Doctor – or even something Pond-related, but in my heart, I know what I want to hear.

I want something that sums up the enthusiasm, brilliance and excitement that Matt Smith brought to the Doctor. He may fear death, but he keeps an open mind and goes into everything with the spirit of adventure. And let’s not forget that Moffat likes to bookend eras in the most memorable ways. It may be obvious, but it’s the perfect word for a man who thinks the best is yet to come…




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