Doctor Who Number 12: Peter Capaldi

What Will The Twelfth Doctor Wear?

The Time of the Doctor has passed, and we’ve met the new man. Eventually, he’ll find his own threads, and much speculation has been had on what Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor should wear. Will the costume reflect the man he is now, will it be a nod to the past and the man he once was, or will it be something new and completely different than anything he has ever worn?  Let’s look at some options.

1. The Sixth Doctor’s Coat of Many Colors

Ok, let’s get this one out of the way. We’ve already seen comments from Moffat that while he isn’t really getting involved in the costume choices this time, as he was originally against Matt Smith’s bowtie, he’s said that if this happens –


– he’d object to it. And I agree with him. If anything, it would only ever again work as a joke,  or maybe another shot of the TARDIS’ wardrobe like we had when Ten was choosing his look. A funny look back but nothing to be taken seriously.

2. Mixing items from all of his past incarnations, maybe Ten’s long coat, Five’s celery, and Seven’s question mark jumper.

Again, like the idea of Twelve wearing Six’s Coat of Many Colors, this would only be a joke a best, and something that would almost feel like a mockery of the past at worst. We all love the show too much for that, and so do Moffat and Capaldi. Every Doctor, while still the same man, is a man all his own.

3. The tattooed tough guy – maybe a military style with camouflage or motorcycle lover with leather and chains.

No. Not at all what the Doctor would ever look like – or act like.

4. He’s the oldest man to play the Doctor, let’s have him wear cardigans and loafers, a grandfatherly look.


He may be the oldest man to play the part, but that doesn’t mean he needs to look like he should be living in a retirement home and using a cane to walk with support! What I am hoping for, though, is that this is something of the relationship he will have with Clara, once she moves past the shock of his regeneration. While Eleven and Clara were more friends, like Eleven was with Rory and Amy since he looked like he was in their same age range, I’m hoping we’ll see a wiser, older Doctor, something more along the lines of how the First Doctor could be. It’s not something we’ve seen in the new Doctor Who era, and something that would be a welcome change.

5. Velvet coat, leather pants, maybe throw in some lace.

I call this the Aging Rock Star Doctor.
We’re saying goodbye to our Old Man in a Young Man’s Body Doctor.
This would be more like the Trying To Still Look Hip Doctor.
Plus, the Third Doctor had an outfit that might be classified the same way, but the dandy look worked well for him and for his era.

6. The adventurer type – boots, khaki trousers, always looking slightly rumpled, like Indiana Jones.

The Doctor laughs at archaeologists, including his wife. Why would he dress like one?

7. Whatever, just give him facial hair!

PC looks 1

This is an interesting thought as well, as we’ve never had a Doctor with a beard or mustache. Why not now? We know Capaldi looks dashing with one!

8. Polo shirt, suit jacket, and distressed denim jeans.

While this might be a common look adopted by many men trying to look as if they took some care in what they are wearing instead of a sloppy white t-shirt and jeans, I don’t know that this works for our Doctor. It’s too much on the casual side.

9. Victorian era

This too close to what the Eighth Doctor first wore, with the longer coat and ruffles, and exactly what Eleven adopted in his last season. While the look isn’t a bad one, it’s been done, and done recently. Each Doctor has had a different look they call their own and unless for some reason the Twelfth Doctor is stuck in London with the Paternoster Gang the whole of Series 8 (hey, why not – Ed), this just isn’t right.

10. All black, like Capaldi wore when he was introduced to the world as the man to become the Twelfth Doctor.


This is another idea I like. It’s something that has not been done by any other Doctor and like Nine’s jumper and leather jacket, Ten’s suits, or even Eleven’s tweed and bow tie, is something that won’t feel dated in a few years. It would reflect the notion that Capaldi’s Doctor will be one that is a little darker than his past incarnations.

I would also add to this no more color changes depending on traveling forward or backwards in time. While this was basically true of our most recent Doctors, I think it’s something that has been given way too much meaning by the fans, especially since it didn’t always stick to the pattern. If you’re going to give something as subtle as a color change a meaning, make sure you always stick to it. Otherwise it’s confusing, and Doctor Who can be confusing enough!

11. He should go back to wearing a suit, but depending on where and when the TARDIS lands, his outfit should reflect the time period.

This is one idea I like. We’ve never really seen the Doctor do this, although we know the TARDIS has a vast wardrobe. You would think the Doctor would take more advantage of said wardrobe. We saw Rose and Donna take the time to change into something a little more appropriate for the time periods they visited. It would be nice to see the Doctor do this as well. And perfectly set up a visual gag for Capaldi if an episode is set in ancient Rome or Greece…

(You all know this is something you want to see – Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor in a toga. It needs to happen.)
12. The Doctors saved Gallifrey. GALLIFREY FALLS NO MORE! Let’s bring back those wonderful Time Lord high collared robes!

No. Just no.


Rebecca is still new to the Who world, but is no stranger to sci-fi, being a life long Trekkie. When not watching, reading, blogging, or talking about Doctor Who, she watches so many movies and reads so many books she has to keep a list of both so she doesn't forget any of them. She wishes she could have been with the Doctor and Amy when they met Van Gogh.

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