Capaldi Filming in New Costume!

Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, has stepped out onto the streets of Cardiff in his new costume. Which must mean…


The outfit was unveiled yesterday, just in time for this morning’s filming on Queen Street, which saw Capaldi with companion, Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald outside the TARDIS. They were with director, Ben Wheatley, best known for The Kill List, and as lines of dialogue were overheard, it’s likely they’re filming episode one of Series 8. Clara’s also in the same clothes she wore in The Time of the Doctor.

And speaking of Series 8, a possible new/old logo has been spotted on the hoodies of the crew…

Series 8 logo

In the scene, the Doctor and Clara have a small argument, as the latter listens to a significant, emotional conversation on her phone; Clara then seems to inspect his face a little closer – yes, it’s Peter Capaldi! – and the pair then hug.

Small spoilers that might be big

These reports are all thanks to Ryan Farrell… who only popped out for some milk! He has a history of stumbling upon filming, so you might want to follow him on Twitter. Beware, however, that he overheard some significant dialogue (we know who Clara is talking to on the phone, for instance), so only track him down if you’re not too worried about small spoilers.

Notice, also, that Capaldi is still wearing his own wedding ring, something which he rarely takes off for roles. Kinda lovely, really, don’t you think?

Filming reportedly continues tonight at Victoria Place.

Once again, thanks to Ryan – and you can check out more photos in our gallery below!



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