Doctor Who: Moonflesh stars Peter Davison

Doctor Who Treats You Can Expect From Big Finish In 2014!

2014 has officially arrived at Big Finish productions with the release of their January Doctor Who stories but what does the rest of the year hold for the main range adventures of the good Doctor?

Big Finish was only too happy to reveal its plans…

January 2014 starts the year with a trilogy of Sixth Doctor and Flip Jackson adventures, the first of which features the return of the villainous Sil in Antidote to Oblivion, which is available to buy now! Their adventures continue on February with The Brood of Erys and conclude on March with Scavenger, which sees the TARDIS twosome come up against an orbiting threat against the Earth.

April, May and June 2014 will be filled with adventures for the Fifth Doctor, this time however he will be travelling with a skeleton crew of only Nyssa of Traken. Moonflesh has the TARDIS land in 1911 and finds the Doctor and Nyssa:

In a private, tiger-infested estate of a globe-trotting big game hunter, who’s brought together a small group of individuals for a weekend’s shooting party. But one of them is not all they seem…

The striking cover can be seen here.

Doctor Who: Moonflesh stars Peter Davison

May’s offer is Tomb Ship, a claustrophobic tale where:

The Doctor and Nyssa find themselves trapped inside a floating space pyramid, along with a family of ruthless treasure-seekers and a horde of man-eating insectoids…

Finally, June 2014 will see their adventures come to a close with Masquerade, a story by the legendary Stephen Cole:

The TARDIS travellers become engaged in very dangerous liaisons at the country chateau of the famous Marquise de Rimdelle, where dead men whisper through the cellar walls and a steam-powered man runs amok in the gardens.

Before we get to the Seventh Doctor adventures, there will be a small break in July for the Sixth Doctor to return, this time accompanied by his old friend Peri. This particular story will be an anthology release of four single episode stories. The adventure’s script editor Jonathan Morris spoke briefly regarding the theme of this release:

The theme for this anthology is stories about perception…using unusual perspectives and fractured narratives, and features three writers new to Doctor Who on audio.

Big Finish Productions went on further to give a detailed breakdown of what each of the mini stories will be about:

[pullquote align=right]Nev Fountain returns with The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-Time, a very touching story told from the point of view of a teenage boy on the autistic spectrum, involving homicidal garden gnomes.[/pullquote]Highly-regarded playwright Mark Ravenhill has contributed Of Chaos Time The, a story in which the Doctor becomes unstuck in his own time stream and has to piece together the sequence of events as they occur in a discontinuous jumble. Una McCormack has written a murder-mystery set in a women’s college in the 1930s called An Eye For Murder. From LM Myles we have Breaking Bubbles, a science fiction story about a deposed empress held captive in a prison where nothing is quite what it seems, and finally Nev Fountain returns with The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-Time, a very touching story told from the point of view of a teenage boy on the autistic spectrum, involving homicidal garden gnomes.

Normal services resume from August 2014 with a brand new trilogy of adventure for the Seventh Doctor and Ace, joined once again by their Liverpudlian friend Hex (Phillip Oliver)!

The series starts with Revenge of the Swarm, which features a return from an old foe- the Nucleus of the Swarm, a foe that we all thought had been defeated in the Fourth Doctor story The Invisible Enemy. Writer Jonathan Morris added more detail to this sequel:

The Invisible Enemy is one of the first Doctor Who stories I ever watched and so when I had the chance to choose a new ‘returning foe’, the sinister Nucleus of the Swarm was top of my list. It has an unusual modus operandi and a memorable voice, and would work well on audio without the distraction of the visual.

September 2014 will give a double helping of Seventh Doctor adventures as Big Finish will be releasing two titles in the same month. Mask of Tragedy by James Goss, which is set in ancient Athens, and concerns the Doctor dropping in on his old friend Aristophanes who is trying to rehearse a play in the face of interruptions from zombie hordes, an alien locust and the imminent threat of a Spartan invasion and Signs & Wonders by Matt Fitton in which the Doctor, Ace and Hector return to Liverpool in the near future, where a messianic figure called Rufus Stone is gathering people together in anticipation of the apocalypse. There are angels in the skies and giant alien slugs in the Mersey. Apparently this story marks the end in a chapter of Doctor Who and is a season finale reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural!

The final offerings for the main range of Doctor Who adventures for the year will be a new trilogy of stories for the Sixth Doctor and Peri and promise to feature the return of at least two old foes, one of which will be making its Big Finish debut!

Consider all these stories and then add in the other Doctor Who releases that Big Finish have already revealed and we have a very exciting year ahead of us, remember to get your subscriptions sorted out now at now!


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