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Looking Behind the Scenes of the 50th Trailer…

Some of you may remember that last year was a biggie for us Whovians and the big herald to the events of the 50th Anniversary was the celebratory trailer. You know the one I mean, yeah, the one that you still find yourself watching all these months later and still get goosebumps over (seriously, I can’t be the only one that still happens to right?) the one that featured all the Doctors and a vast swathe of former foes from across the ages.

Well thanks to a rather wonderful person over on Tumblr we can see how that magic was created in more detail than ever before, in not one but two galleries.

“One of our family friend is an art director who worked on the 50th trailer. She visited us at New Years and gave me these behind the scenes pics”

The two galleries provide us with images of many of the body doubles used throughout the trailer, including the amazing sight of a flying Fourth Doctor and Matt Smith (the real one) on a rock in an image that strangely reminded me of The Lion King not to mention just how many Daleks, Cybermen and many other enemies were pulled out of retirement for the shoot,  it also provides a wonderful sense of just how big this trailer was in terms of real set size and the amount of tech required to realise it all.

And what about that Jon Pertwee body double turning out to be a not-quite face double too?

As such is it any wonder that we all continue to rewatch it so much, or is that just me? How do you rate the trailer in our now post anniversary world, and how do you feel about these behind the scenes galleries, like me are you enthralled or are you trying hard not to pay attention to the man behind the curtain? Fill us in below and share your views.

(With thanks to Daren)


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