Doctor Who: The Web of Fear

POLL: Are You Buying The Web Of Fear On DVD?

Despite being recovered after almost half a century languishing in the list of incomplete or missing Doctor Who stories, The Web of Fear remains an enigma.

If you didn’t already buy it on iTunes when its recovery was released in October, or view it on Virgin Media’s on-demand service, you might well be looking forward to having it in hard, physical form when it is released on DVD next month… if it weren’t for the fact that unlike The Enemy of the World, The Web of Fear remains incomplete!

There are, of course, rumours about episode three, that the copy found was not of good enough quality to be released yet; counter-rumours suggest a copy has been found elsewhere, but either too late to add to the previous announcement or in the possession of someone who the BBC remain in negotiations with.

Unfortunately the result is a seemingly rushed reconstruction using low-quality audio and some questionable photo choices. One has to wonder why the BBC went ahead with the The Web of Fear in this state, or why more attention wasn’t made to the reconstruction in the intervening weeks.

So, we decided to throw it open for your vote here, on a topic we’ll be discussing on this week’s podKast. Your votes and comments on this topic are important, to tell us what you think!

We’ll be reviewing the release for you soon, and if you haven’t ordered it already, The Web of Fear is out on February 24th and available for £13.75 at Amazon.

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