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Reviewed: Doctor Who Figurine Collection – Part 5 Silurian Warrior

You may know that I like to be honest about Doctor Who so I’ll cut to the chase, The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood, with hindsight, weren’t exactly the greatest moments of Matt Smith’s tenure. An over-written adventure, it introduced the Silurians to a new audience and with that came a make-over for the Homo Reptilians. Though they looked quite dashing they lacked certain things such as the third eye that was used in adventures during the classic series and were given a lasso type tongue but more on this later. Here’s what the magazine sections have to offer about the adventure, Cold Blood.

The Magazine

The Figurine – Seeing the new Silurian design was a shock for a long time fan like myself and here the designers give their reasons for the changes. The third eye was dropped as they considered it was too reminiscent of Davros! Ironic really as they appeared in the show a number of years before him. It’s nice to see a rough design where they did include it though. Another reason for the face redesign was so that the actor’s expressions would be more visible. Nice that they had netting though. The short history of the Silurians is a nice reminder of their classic appearances, well apart from Warriors Of The Deep that is.

A Moment In TimeCold Blood was the second of a two part adventure and for me is more memorable for the “Amy’s crack” story arc rather than the Silurian appearance. Chris Chibnall’s script failed to grab me as a viewer. I appreciate the underlying tones about race and tolerance but it just didn’t grab me.

50 Years Of Doctor Who – We continue our trek through time and discover we’re at the latter half of 1965 the year we got the Dalek 12-parter The Daleks’ Master Plan. It highlights the punishing schedule and how the team only got a month off between seasons. Later in the year it was announced that a second Dalek movie was to be made. More importantly the news of Hartnell’s departure was beginning to seep to the newspapers. Away from Doctor Who it was also the time when Thunderbirds took off for the first time, The Beatles played Shea Stadium and a toy versions of James Bond’s Aston Martin was the Christmas gift.

Doctor Who Universe – The focus turns to New Earth and the show’s fascination of looking to the stars to find something exactly, or almost exactly like our home planet. New Earth is a nice concept, populated by some inventive characters such as The Sisters Of Plenitude and the Face Of Boe though when the Macra became involved I felt it was a bit of a missed opportunity, especially as they had devolved.

Myths And Mysteries – The section that dares ask the questions continues with such important enquiries such as “Are The Silurians Right? Is Earth ‘Their’ Planet?” and “So Are The Silurians The Bad Guys?”

Who People – A lot has been said about William Hartnell and this short tribute to the man behind the First Doctor sums him up nicely. He was an old trooper, tired of typecasting and was given a chance to shine in a different light. I love his Doctor, everything was right, I care not a jot about his fluffed lines, he put the show on the TV map and I adore his interpretation of the Doctor.


Last time I raved on about how wonderfully detailed the Weeping Angel, but this issue’s figure raises the bar even higher and is quite simply a stunning piece.


The new Silurian costume is replicated perfectly here, from the metallic mask to the mesh leggings, this scaly creature is a joy to behold. The neck rings and red cummerbund stand out against the tunic and are perfectly painted.

So then, another triumph for this series and the next one is sure to be popular, the Last Dalek.


James has been a Doctor Who fan for as long as he can recall. A child of the 70s and 80s, he weathered all the storms and controversies the show encountered, though he didn’t buy the “Doctor In Distress” single.

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