Capaldi’s Costume’s Crombie & Doc Marten Confusion

Stop what you’re doing! This is it. Eclipsing any possible missing episode rumours, casting announcements, returning villains: the biggest news story of the year. The BBC incorrectly identified the Twelfth Doctor’s shoes as Doc Martens!

Not only that but there’s some issue with his jacket, described extensively as a Crombie.

But credit wear it’s due (see what I did there?), the BBC owned up to their mistake:

The boots in question were actually made by the British Boot Company, which was founded in 1951. Nick “The Boot” Roumana, who owns the independent company, said:

We get a lot of visitors from France and Germany, all over, and they love the fact that the shop and the boots we sell in it are truly and archetypally English.

They do add a bit of ‘punk’ to Capaldi’s potentially-dark Doctor, as highlighted by the Beeb’s accompanying copy which called the Doc’s new look as “rebel Time Lord.” The Telegraph said the BBC  “boo-booed big time” – which did make me laugh – but in an otherwise good article specified that the jacket isn’t particularly a Crombie:
First, the coat. It was named by the BBC as a Crombie – which can refer to either a style of coat cut in Crombie cloth, or a coat made by Crombie itself. According to Crombie, the coat Capaldi is wearing in this picture was not made by them – although, confusingly, it has provided several coats to the BBC’s costume department for the new series. These are likely to be its “Retro’’ style, which cost £795 off the rack in black – although to get one in dark, dark blue, and made to measure to yours and the Doctor’s exact specifications would cost £1,600. Expect these own-brand Crombies to be worn either by stunt-doubles or Capaldi as the series goes on.

Instead, the newspaper’s Luke Leitch reckons it’s from Paul Smith – because Capaldi frequently shop there.

I can’t believe the BBC made such a huuuuuuuuuge error. I’m surprised The Daily Mail hasn’t put this on their front page.

I’m switching to ITV.


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