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Forget About 3.5″ Figures: Forbidden Planet’s Best Doctor Who Merchandise

Let’s face it, those 3.5 inch Doctor Who figures have been very poorly received. Character certainly seem to have scored an own goal with their cost-cutting exercise, so much so that we’ve heard recently that certain future releases have been curtailed.

To commemorate over 50 years of time travelling madness, let’s put the 3.5 inch figures to the back of our minds and take a look at some of Forbidden Planet’s best Doctor Who merchandise that you can still buy today, including some of Character’s successes from those halcyon days of 2011.

Seems so long ago now, doesn’t it?


A particular favouite of ours is the Ironside Dalek Blueprint. This great little poster not only gives us a rare insight into the automaton mind of Prof. Ironside but also gives you exact plans on how to build your own unstoppable killing machine! (probably…)

For lovers of Daleks through the years, don’t miss the Action Figure Collectors Set: The Chase!

Not Lego!

Character Building Mega Set: TARDIS Console Room – Lets face it who doesn’t want a Lego-like (it’s not Lego, it’s not Lego – Ed) TARDIS set?

Similar to this is the Character Building: 11 Doctor’s Pack. Why not indulge your 50th anniversary fantasies and purchase this and the TARDIS set?




One of the most intriguing Doctor Who-related books of recent years as been Alwyn Turner’s The Man Who Invented The Daleks, which is still available in its paperback form from Forbidden Planet.

Meanwhile the Doctor Who: Encyclopaedia is  a collected history of everything you need to know about the Ninth, Ten and the Eleventh Doctor’s. It’s the one Encyclopaedia you’ll be glad to receive this Christmas!


Going directly to jail is the much-derided Doctor Who: Monopoly set which combines all the fun of inadequately used licensing and wet Sunday afternoons. Role a six and die a little inside.

Don’t forget Doctor Who: Risk, a Forbidden Planet exclusive that you surely cannot miss. Classic, timeless game + classic, timeless TV show = must buy this.


Look sharp in the exclusive Fifth and Eleventh Doctor Costume T-Shirts. There all the fun of cosplaying minus trailing through Oxfam looking for those elusive trousers.

Complete the look with this UNIT Travel Pass Holder – it not only keeps your Oyster card nice safe but also grants you access to UNIT HQ! Provided you don’t mind suffering barbed wire scratches, dog bites and ‘five rounds rapid’  heading your way.


The Traken Set alone deserves to be on the list just for gifting us a Melkur figure and, maybe, if we don’t acknowledge the Monopoly set it might go away…


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