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Matt Smith At Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con [VIDEO]

Today we have a treat for you – videos of Matt Smith’s Q&A panel from his appearance at the Wizard World New Orleans Comic Convention.

Seems our dear Mr. Smith cause quite a stir at the con, with people waiting many hours – some spent most of the day waiting – to get into his panel. Reports are that the ballroom at the con was packed, with more than 4000 people there to see always charming and goofy Smith. You can watch the whole thing above (just under 45 minutes long) or pick up the edited highlights below!

Video 1:

A seemingly nervous fan asks Matt – What’s the scariest episode you filmed? He answers with two parts, the  scariest episodes for him to film and the monsters he finds the scariest.  (Hint: They’re related)

Video 2:

A young fan asks – How did the Silence blow up the TARDIS? Matt’s first reaction to the question is quite funny. His final answer could be the answer to everything that happens to the Doctor!

Video 3:

What one word describes Matt’s whole experience of Doctor Who? His answer is funny and rather does sum up his whole run quite well.

Video 4:

This question is one that has gotten the most press since the convention – How do you feel about Peter Capaldi’s Doctor having a relationship with River Song? Matt is quite possessive of his time with Alex Kingston…

Video 5:

Is there anything in the world you’d give Doctor Who to have? If you know anything about Matt, then you probably know what this answer was…


(Thanks to Three If By Space)


Rebecca is still new to the Who world, but is no stranger to sci-fi, being a life long Trekkie. When not watching, reading, blogging, or talking about Doctor Who, she watches so many movies and reads so many books she has to keep a list of both so she doesn't forget any of them. She wishes she could have been with the Doctor and Amy when they met Van Gogh.

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