Moffat on his Future as Showrunner

Some will be looking forward to the day showrunner, Steven Moffat bids Doctor Who adieu. But I think a far larger amount of people are dreading that day.

In a Sherlockfocussed interview with Assignment X, Steven has talked about the nation’s two favourite shows and how he will sadly have to say goodbye to one of them:

“Eventually, I’ll stop doing Doctor Who, because it stops me doing anything else. But Sherlock doesn’t swamp my schedule, doesn’t swamp anyone. So I could imagine we’ll come back and do Sherlock fairly often for many years, rather than very often for a few years.”

Naturally, this is why Doctor Who has lasted 50 years. It moves on. And we’ve had some fantastic producers, brilliant script editors, incredible showrunners looking after that wonderful TARDIS, haven’t we?

Moffat, who has been running things since 2010 (well, sort of 2009, but shush), says he never knows how long he’ll stay:

“You never know that in advance. If we weren’t enjoying it, or we didn’t think there was anything good left to do, we’d stop, but we haven’t reached that point yet, is all we can say. I can envision just doing [Sherlock] for a while – for quite a while, possibly. The fact that we only do it occasionally means it’s not swamping anyone’s schedule.”

Remember Rule One though: Moffat Lies. He says he even knew how long Matt Smith would stay as the good Doc!

I don’t like this ominous talk. I genuinely don’t like the idea of Steven leaving any time soon – so let’s focus on what he recently told Doctor Who Magazine; that the next two series will be straight runs… which surely means that he’ll be spearheading them both!

(Thanks to DWTV.)


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