Moffat: Kids Love John Hurt’s Doctor

How old should the Doctor be? Doctor Who chief Steven Moffat claims children have no problem with older actors in the role.

We beg to differ:

OK that’s not fair – these two young ladies probably misunderstood and thought their beloved Eleventh Doctor was about to be replaced. More concerning is the mother’s comment – what do you mean, “it’s only Doctor Who”?!

Moffat has a window into the response of younger viewers given that he has two sons in their teens to offer an immediate critique of his work. And he seems to be of the opinion that younger viewers very much took to the War Doctor.

In an interview with entertainment magazine site, IGN, he has talked about casting older men as the Doctor with both Peter Capaldi as the next incarnation and John Hurt as a missing incarnation in Day of the Doctor. And the jammy so-and-so has (obviously) had the privilege of seeing the rushes for Capaldi’s first few stories…

I was watching it this morning, and it’s all the difference in the world, because suddenly he’s a man in his 50s with gray hair — and it’s no difference at all. It’s weird. Never mind that, John Hurt’s 73, and how great was he? And kids love the John Hurt Doctor.

He might be right. But that didn’t stop a wave of uncertainty and downright objection to the announcement of Peter Capaldi in the role. But could this be because of the modern phenomenon of the *shexy* Doctor and the slightly different fan-base that has sprung up since the revival?

Personally I’m very excited about Capaldi’s casting and feel that an older Doctor makes more sense. While Matt Smith did wonders with the role, it was the first time that I was older than the actor in the role (horrors!) and I’m a fan of the more avuncular, less boyfriendy version of our hero.

What do you think Kasterborites – older, younger or anything goes? Tell us below…

(Via IGN.)


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