Speculation on ‘One-Season’ Capaldi

Yes, this beast has raised its ugly head again. Could Peter Capaldi leave after just one series of Doctor Who? Well, of course he could. Is it likely? Well… Not as far as I’m concerned.

The Mirror‘s Richard Beech has seen fit to fill this slow news day with speculation based on rumours from unknown sources that Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, could do ‘A Christopher Eccleston.’ That is to say, stay for only one 13-episode run. Beech says:

But recent rumours and gossip suggest that Peter Capaldi was selected as a ‘single season Doctor’ in order to steer the show in a new direction and pave the way for an even more radical (and possibly more controversial) choice for the role.”

I don’t really think Capaldi was a “radical” choice for the part. At all. And why would we need a ‘transitional’ Doctor just to steer the Beeb’s big hit series into a new direction? It sounds stupid to take someone on to usher in a new tone for Doctor Who, and then go, “right, off you go – back to The Musketeers with you.” (Who says ‘season’ for the new show these days anyway?) Beech goes on to ask:
So let’s imagine that Doctor Who is due a major new direction, who could take on the role, make it different, and take it forward?

Or is ‘new direction’ actually a secret code for something much bigger, for the end of Steven Moffat’s stewardship? This would be a circumstance which would also certainly almost involve a new Doctor and a new companion – as with the transition from Russell T Davies to Steven Moffat.

Finally, he notes how much work goes into casting new leads to pilot the TARDIS. Surely the BBC wouldn’t want all that circus so soon after the last performance. Mind you, Beech does go on to praise Steven Moffat:
Doctor Who is bigger than ever, the brand has expanded unthinkably and you have to give him credit for almost all of it. He will go down in history as one of the most important and influential people ever involved in the show.

If he steps down at the end of the next season, he will have lasted around the same amount of time as Russell T Davies.

Who knows – maybe a new head writer may have already been chosen, and they may have already chosen a new Doctor and a new companion with which to announce a new era of Doctor Who.

Nice to hear some credit where it’s due!

Anything is possible. It’s Doctor Who. But let’s not forget that Capaldi is a huge fan of the show; if you were given your dream role, would you only sign up for one year? Matt Smith was supposedly contracted for three years initially, with the option for more, so has Capaldi been offered just one year as the good Doc…? Over to you, folks.


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